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This documentation has been transcluded from Template:Tab/doc.

Used to add tabs to a page, which can help condense a page's content (e.g. in a narrow template) and make it easier to navigate, while still being able to display all of the content.


  • tabs: Number of tabs to show. Defaults to 2.
  • default: Tab number to display by default. Defaults to tab 1.
  • width: Width of the tab container. (optional)
  • constyle: CSS styling for the tab container. (optional)
  • tab#: The label for each tab. Should be kept short if possible. If you want to use images, make sure to set a blank link= to remove the image's link; otherwise, clicking on the tab will just link to the image's page.
  • content#: The content of each tab. If a tab has no content, it won't be shown.

Example usage

|constyle=border: 2px solid #e0e0e0;
|content1=[[File:Portrait eo2u medic 02.png]]
|content2=[[File:Portrait eo2u protector 02.png]]
|tab3=No content, won't display
|content4=[[File:Portrait eo2u troubadour 01.png]]
Medic Protector Troubadour
Portrait eo2u protector 02.png