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These farmers seek to apply their wisdom to navigating the Labyrinth despite their clumsiness in battle.
First appearanceEtrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City
WeaponsSpears, Daggers, Guns, Scythes (Etrian Odyssey Nexus)

The Farmer (Japanese: ファーマー Farmer) is a class first appearing in Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City.


Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City

Etrian Odyssey Nexus


Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City

Main article: Farmer/Skills/Etrian Odyssey III

Etrian Odyssey Nexus

Main article: Farmer/Skills/Etrian Odyssey Nexus

Force skills (Lv. 1)

Name Description Prereq. skill(s) Body part Stat(s)
Item Again Force Boost

For three turns, any item used by the user will activate twice, while only consuming one use of the item.

Final Plan Force Break

Refills all allies' Force gauges, and has a chance to restore any broken Force gauges.

1 Head

Novice skills (Lv. 1)

Name Description Prereq. skill(s) Body part Stat(s)
Sympathy Pain Special Skill

Attempts to inflict any ailments or binds the user is afflicted with on all enemies.

6 Arms LUC
Strange Seeds Special Skill

At the end of the turn, attempts to inflict one of head, arm, or leg bind on all enemies.

  • Sympathy Pain, lv. 1
Arms LUC
Play Possum Support Skill

Decreases one ally's chance of being targeted by enemies for three turns.

  • Sympathy Pain, lv. 1
Keen Eye Field Skill

For a number of steps, displays the locations of all treasure chests, hidden passages, staircases, FOEs, and gathering points on the map.

Search Skill Field Skill

Gives the user a chance to find gatherable items while exploring the labyrinth.

  • Keen Eye, lv. 2
Flee Escape Skill

Consumes party HP to attempt to escape battle and return to the last staircase or Geomagnetic Pole used. Will not consume HP if the escape fails. Always fails against bosses.

4 Legs
Slap Awake Field Skill

Revives one dead ally. Can only be used in the field.

Harvestry Field Skill

Allows the party to find more items at all gathering points.

Earth's Bounty Passive Skill

Increases experience gain for the party while the user is alive.


Veteran skills (Lv. 20)

Name Description Prereq. skill(s) Body part Stat(s)
Rotten Egg Debuff Skill

Reduces physical and elemental Attack for all enemies. If any enemy is suffering from an ailment, the effect is strengthened.

  • Strange Seeds, lv. 3
  • Play Possum, lv. 1
Persistence Passive Skill

If the user is dead, has a chance to automatically revive themselves with 1 HP at the end of each turn.

  • Rotten Egg, lv. 2
Waste Not Passive Skill

Increases item drop rate at the end of battle.

Stroke of Luck Field Skill

Gives the user a chance to find consumable items while exploring the labyrinth.

  • Search Skill, lv. 3
Rain or Shine Field Skill

Nullifies damaging and muddy tiles, and decreases damage taken from FOE field skills.

  • Flee, lv. 1
Safe Stroll Field Skill

Reduces enemy encounter rate for a number of steps.

  • Rain or Shine, lv. 2
Share the Profits Support Skill

Consumes the user's TP to restore TP to allies on the same line.

8 Arms
Brave Heart Passive Skill

Restores TP to the user at the end of each turn, if they are in the front line and have full HP. Total TP recovered is equal to the skill's base TP recovery, plus a percentage of the user's max TP.

Survival Instinct Field Skill

Restores HP and TP to all allies when gathering. Total HP/TP recovered is equal to the skill's base HP/TP recovery, plus a percentage of the target's max HP/TP.

  • Earth's Bounty, lv. 3

Master skills (Lv. 40)

Name Description Prereq. skill(s) Body part Stat(s)
Lullaby Special Skill

Puts the user to sleep, and attempts to put all enemies to sleep in the process.

  • Persistence, lv. 2
Head LUC
Labour Song Field Skill

Restores 1 TP to all allies after a certain number of steps while walking through the labyrinth.

  • Lullaby, lv. 3
Dissection Passive Skill

Restores all allies' Force gauges when the user defeats an enemy.

  • Waste Not, lv. 2
Harvest Festival Attack Skill

Deals melee Cut damage to all enemies. If the enemy has a bind, increases damage dealt, and attempts to kill the target instantly.

10 Arms STR, LUC
Nature's Bounty Field Skill

Gives a chance to find rare items when gathering.

  • Survival Instinct, lv. 2
Double Crop Field Skill

When gathering items, the user has a chance to immediately gather a second time from the same spot. Can only activate once per gathering attempt.

  • Nature's Bounty, lv. 2




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