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Navigate the Labyrinth

The map creator tool is an essential part of your quest, allowing you to build up a detailed picture of your surroundings and keep track of the areas you need to return to, as well as ones that are best avoided...[1]


Your party is represented by an arrow which shows the direction you are facing in the Labyrinth.

Dungeon Mapping

As you advance through the Labyrinth, use the paint brush tool to mark a trail on the ground and the pencil tool to draw walls.


You can erase incorrect marks you have made on the map with the eraser tool.

Up-Close View

Zoom in or out on your party by pressing the X Button or focus in on one area of the Labyrinth by tapping the Touch Screen. The map can only be drawn on when you zoom in on it.

Event Indicators

Touch and drag the icons from the list on the right to place them at the appropriate square on the map. The icons allow you to mark the location of specific events, treasure, items, monsters, doors, pits, warp areas and stairs.

Note Making

You can make notes to annotate the icons on your map by using the memo function. Notes you make will appear on the top screen when you pass an annotated area in the Labyrinth.

Delete Items

Delete unnecessary icons by dragging them to the bin icon.


Etria: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

Yggdrasil Labyrinth: English - Labyrinthe d'Yggdrasil: French - Yggdrasil-Labyrinths: German - laberinto de Yggdrasil: Spanish - Labirinto di Yggdrasil: Italian

Gather in the Golden Deer Pub and get to know your guildmates. In the Labyrinth, your team’s support is the difference between life and death.[2]

Golden Deer Pub: English, Spanish - Taverne: French - Schänke "Zum Hirsch": German - Locanda del Cervo d'Oro: Italian


Hexer: English - Sorcier: French - Drude: German - Brujo: Spanish - Mago nero: Italian

Alchemist: English, German - Alchimiste: French - Hechicero: Spanish - Alchimista: Italian

Dark Hunter: English - Chasseur: French - Schattenritter: German - Cazador: Spanish - Domatore: Italian

Survivalist: English - Trappeur: French - Fährtenleser: German - Guardabosques: Spanish - Guida: Italian

Troubadour: English - Barde: French, German - Trovador: Spanish - Bardo: Italian

Protector: English - Paladin: French, German - Paladín: Spanish - Paladino: Italian

Medic: English - Guérisseur: French - Medicus: German - Médico: Spanish - Taumaturgo: Italian

Landsknecht: English, German - Lansquenet: French - Soldado: Spanish - Cavaliere: Italian

Ronin: English - Samouraï: French - Samurai: German, Italian - Samurái: Spanish


Evil Eye: English, French - Bösen Blick: German -

Upper Stance/Flame Grater: English - Posture Overhead: French - Überkopf-Stellung: German - posición en alto: Spanish - posizione Superiore: Italian

Clear Stance/Razor Dodge: English - Posture Seigna[sic]?: French - Seigan-Stellung: German - posición Seigan: Spanish - posizione Seigan: Italian

Drawing Stance/Beheading Cut - Posture Iai: French - Iaidou-Stellung: German - posición Iai: Spanish - posizione Iai: Italian