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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Classes BotanistDragoonFencerHarbingerMasuraoNecromancerPugilistRoverShamanWarlock
Races BrouniCelestrianEarthlainTherian
Non-playable characters ArkenConradEgarJenettaMirinaRamusSyrik
Stratums 1: Tutelary Forest • 2: Jagged Reach • 3: Fetid Necropolis • 4: Lucent Hollows • 5: Untamed Garden • 6: Empyreal Bridge
Locations IorysCouncil HallExplorers GuildIorys MarketplaceJenetta's InnTwilight TavernArcania
Listings EnemiesEquipmentFOEsItemsMissionsQuestsWeapons

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